Monday, July 19, 2021

Meet Adrian

 Adrian's mother left him in a daycare and left without a trace. That was 3 months ago and efforts to trace her has been futile.  We got him a week ago and he was in bad shape we had to isolate him first

and treat all the infections he had.  He is still in hospital and is doin extremely well.

Meet baby Wani

 When a mother decides that drinking is better than feeding her 15 months child, then something is totally wrong somewhere.  Wani was rescued by neighbors after her mother didn't return from her drinking spree for two days.  She was very malnourished when we got her, were are giving her a lot of attention and she has started adding weight.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Class of 2020 Graduates!


                                                          Class of 2020 Candidates graduate

We are so proud of our Grade Eight class of 2020 on their graduation! They all performed exemplary in their national examination - Kenya Certificate of Primary education, K.C.P.E.. This was such a hardworking group of students and we wish them all well as they transit to high school. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2021


Sharon was underweight when she was born 1.6kgs and the mother must have been scared and left her in hospital.  When we got her 6 weeks later she was already 3kgs an looked very healthy.

Happy Life welcomes baby Phoebe

 Somebody decided that they had enough of their baby and threw her in a pit latrine, nobody knows how long she was inside the toilet but when she was rescued she looked fine no injuries.

Hello Paul

 Paul's mother could not raise the hospital bill, one day nurses were attracted by Paul's persistent crying that's when they discovered the mother had disappeared leaving her baby.

Meet baby Sharon

 This precious baby was abandoned in hospital immediately after birth.  She was 3 weeks when we to her.