Friday, July 3, 2015

Max and Mark Growing Strong

Meet Max and Mark: the two handsome twins.  When they came to Happy Life five months ago at about 2 months they were so small and sickly, but they are growing big and strong.  Max pulls himself up on the small baby chair and you have to keep a keen eye on him, otherwise he will troop over the back!  They are so adorable too!  They liven the Infant A room with their beautiful smiles and laughter.  I really thank God for them and we are all watching this space.... Who knows what God has in store for these kids!!

From Faith

Baby Jeremiah

On 22 June, baby a handsome young boy, less than two months old joined the Happy Life loving family.  He had stayed in hospital for several weeks after a preterm birth.  But he is feeding and growing so well.  Happy Life has given him a home and a hope for adoption.  Please pray for Jeremiah that God will bless you with good health and a great future, for only He knows this boy's future days.
From Faith

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Meet Baby Dawn

We have a new baby girl at Happy Life.  Baby Dawn joined us some few weeks ago after being abandoned in hospital.  She is so calm and peaceful; I just love looking into her small face.  We thank God she is feeding and sleeping well.  Watch this space... soon she will be bouncing, cooing and smiling like our other happy babies.  God we thank you for this beautiful gift of a baby.  It remains true that 'children are a heritage from the Lord; the fruit of the womb is a gift..."

Jayson and Benson find 'Forever Families'

Some days are quite exciting at Happy Life even though with a tinge of loss.  Jayson joined his mum and dad some two weeks ago, while Benson left us on Tuesday into the loving arms of his now 'mum and dad'.  The parents came to take him home accompanied by two relatives and their pastor's wife.  In Africa a baby is usually received by several people, mostly close kin or a trusted friend.  I felt like a midwife handing over a new born baby to his welcoming relatives.  Benson clung to his mother's shoulders like he had always belonged there.  This world still has wonderful people and good things do happen still even in the face of rejection and abandonment.   Mum Teresa of Adonai House in Juja had to hold back tears as she watched one of her sons go; but she had a great smile too... because, for us at Happy Life, letting go of these children is part of our mission and vision.  I thank you Lord for Jayson, Benson, and for those wonderful families that they now belong to.



Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Blessing that Volunteers are

After a quiet season, we were so excited at Happy Life to receive Julie Ewers, Abby and Cindy in May.  Their love for and the dedication to the children, and the wonderful gifts touched our lives in a very special way.  The babies were also beaming with excitement to have loving hands around them; and of course our dear mothers appreciated the much needed help in a big way.  Thank you my dear sisters for coming to Kenya.  I pray that many more will book flights and come over.  We are waiting for you...

Friday, May 22, 2015

New Children at our Nairobi Home

Happy Life continues with its core mission of giving a home and a hope for adoption for many abandoned children in Kenya.  Just in the last week, including yesterday, we have received four children.  Only the Lord knows why these wonderful and healthy children were abandoned by those who should love them and care for them. 


Anthony on the Jumperoo

Anthony is really having a ball with the new Jumperoos.  Among our babies in Infant A he seems the greatest beneficiary from this wonderful gift from volunteer Julie Ewers and her friends.  He bounces off on his feet energetically and laughs heartily when you speak to him.  What a blessing!!  Thank you Julie and all who gave so many gifts to our babies here in Nairobi.  We send blessings your way on behalf of Anthony and all the children.

From Faith