Friday, May 22, 2015

New Children at our Nairobi Home

Happy Life continues with its core mission of giving a home and a hope for adoption for many abandoned children in Kenya.  Just in the last week, including yesterday, we have received four children.  Only the Lord knows why these wonderful and healthy children were abandoned by those who should love them and care for them. 


Anthony on the Jumperoo

Anthony is really having a ball with the new Jumperoos.  Among our babies in Infant A he seems the greatest beneficiary from this wonderful gift from volunteer Julie Ewers and her friends.  He bounces off on his feet energetically and laughs heartily when you speak to him.  What a blessing!!  Thank you Julie and all who gave so many gifts to our babies here in Nairobi.  We send blessings your way on behalf of Anthony and all the children.

From Faith

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

God continues to Bless - Look what the Lord has Done!

Below is a picture of the second floor of our classrooms construction.  When we started Happy Life school in 2013 we were holding the classes in the Multi-purpose hall and in a semi-permanent room that is now our make-shift kitchen.  But Look what the Lord has done!!  We are so grateful to all those that have allowed God to use them; spending and being spent for our children at Happy Life.  Soon we will have children use those classes.  And we continue to pray and hope for our God watches over us and builds for us.
From Faith

Adonai House in Juja Center

I have been thinking a lot lately about how merciful God has been to us at Happy Life.  God has helped us through His people to build four house at our Juja campus for the children.  One such house is Adonai House whose mother is Teresa.  She is such a wonderful mother and chef, always energetic and smiling.  She is a mother of boys only and the youngest lot at the campus, but quite frankly her smile just says it all: that she loves her sons so much and takes time as much as possible to nurture them the best way possible.  She sent me the pictures below and they really touched my heart.  I am sure they will touch your heart too:

From Faith

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Shemaiah Joins Forever Family

Monday, May 11, 2015 was both a sad and joyous day for the staff as Shemaiah left with his 'forever family'.  Shemaiah joined Happy Life family in March 2014 and slightly over a year later he has found a loving Dad and Mum.  I am so excited for him; and his eyes were so peaceful and hopeful as we dedicated and sent him off during our last Sunday Service.  Mommy and Daddy were so happy to finally have this wonderful son.  Only God brings such divine connections.  Please pray with us that all our babies at Happy Life will be connected through adoption...

From Faith

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mercy Re-united with Family

Our beautiful and quiet girl, Mercy was finally re-united with her biological family.  We are hopeful that she will be okay and that this family will be healed.  It makes us realize that family problems and wrangles affect the children very negatively.  Our prayers are with this girl and her family.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Meet Mercy

At five years of age, Mercy has had more than her share of troubles, having been abandoned by her parents late April. But at Happy Life she has found a great friend and sister in Leah and Loise.  We are all showering her with love so that she can be confident to smile again.   Pray for this girl that she will still grow up to realize her dreams and aspirations in life. 
 By Faith

Another Set of Twins at HL!

Harriet and Hazel are beautiful and strong babies that have a beautiful smile on their face.  Their lives were truly in danger before the authorities rescued them and brought them to Happy Life late April.  We all just love them so much and we are happy that they are peaceful and feed well.  We know their days ahead will be better because the God of Israel, who saved Moses from the river Nile is their God...

By Faith

Beautiful Girl - Solita

Please pray with us for Baby Solita whose mother was taken very ill after delivering her.  She cannot take care of her at the moment and so Solita has found a home at Happy Life where all of us are loving her as we look out for better days in the future for this precious baby.  God is truly gracious even in the hardest of times; and He knows her future very well.  He declares, " For I know the plans I have for you... to give you a future and a hope"
By Faith

Jerome joins HL Family

Please meet Jerome. This three year old boy has gone through difficult times after abandonment by the only family he knew.  We realize that sometimes the story behind such children is difficult to know.  When he joined us early April it was difficult to communicate with him because of language barriers.  At such times, we realize how limited we are to handle some situations.  Our staff kept trying different names to see whether he would respond; and he actually did when someone called him "baba", a name used commonly by mothers when they call out their young boys.  We do not know why this same mother, and probably father?? left him in the house alone.  But he is now a happy kid; at least he has food and shelter, and many siblings, mothers and brothers.  But please pray with us that Jerome will be reunited with his family if God knows that they will love him and care for him again.
By Faith