Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One New admission - Baby Dhamana

We have a new baby boy 'Dhamana' who was admitted at HLCH on 26th September 2011; his name means means 'a treasure' and he is a real miracle. He had been abandoned on 1st August at Zimmerman, Kasarani, where he had been put in a plastic bag with a wet blanket and then thrown in bushy deserted pit latrine. The good samaritan known as Catherine together with other women were going to the market when they had him cry and rescued him. According to her, Dhamana was very small and his body was turning blue. She took him and reported the matter to the nearby chief, then took him to the hospital. Cathrine stayed with the child about 3 weeks. Immediately after admission at HLCH, we took him to the hospital since he had a congested chest; was treated and is still going through medication. He is about one month old. Pray with us for Dhamana to recover and live to see the goodness of the Lord.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Aiden gets a new family

Aiden was born in a hotel in Nairobi on 08/09/10 and taken to Kenyatta Hospital because of respiratory distress. The baby was accompanied to the hospital by a hotel attendant who declined to give the name of the hotel, and a man who was believed to be the baby’s father although he later denied to be the child’s biological father. Aiden was admitted at HLCH from Kenyatta National hospital on 3rd December 2010. Now Aiden has a new family Morten & Dorte Nysted from Denmark. God bless Aiden and may he bring much joy to his new family.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Baby Angel goes for Adoption

Angel was admitted at HLCH on 19th July 2010 when she was about 10 months old. On admission at HLCH, Angel was very withdrawn and was not confident with any adult although she was in good health. However, she changed with time and she is now a very cheerful and pretty girl. Now Angel has new lovely parents Ann and Joseph Karimi who are pastors in one of the Kenyan churches. She is truly an angel and will surely bring much more blessings and joy in this family. Baraka!!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two new Admissions - Josiah and James

James - 2 months old

Josiah - Approximately 3 months old

Friday, September 16, 2011

Its Timothys Turn - A Mama and a Daddy Wow!

If you new Moses, I know you will be confused whether he has turned back to be a young baby but this is Timothy; aha!! looks almost like Moses! Timothy has a new mama and Dad; Beatrice and Josef Alexandrasson from Sweeden. He was admitted at HLCH on 3rd September 2010. Timothy is a very happy boy, smiles all the time and a darling to all the caregivers. I remember one time he was quite sick and admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital everyone was seriously praying for him and wanted to go and stay with him at the hospital. At times I wonder; what would happen if those who abandon these children would get a chance to see who they become in the future and how they are loved especially here at Happylife and then by their adoptive parents; that may never happen. As for Timothy, the condition he had been abandoned in was for him to die but God had a better plan and He sent a Good Samaritan to rescue him, and today He has blessed him with loving parents. Baraka kwa Timothy and his new family.

Rosemary Kamau

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jordan blessed with a new family

Jordan was admitted at Happylife on 31st August 2010 and he weighed 3.5 kgs. Today the 3rd of September 2011, Jordan leaves Happylife to live with his adoptive parents Annika and Jeppe Ekstrom; from Denmark. His new name is Jonathan Jordan "Jojo", and I love it!!! Baraka to Jordan and his new family and as his name means ( Jonathan - God's gift), we pray that he will bring immeasurable joy to the whole family.

Rosemary Kamau

Friday, September 2, 2011

Larry goes for adoption

Larry was abandoned on 9th May 2010 outside a certain residential gate at Kasarani. He was rescued by a Good Samaritan who reported the case to Kasarani police station. There was a small bag beside him with some clothes and the birth notification which showed that he had been born at Ruiru sub-district hospital on 26th April 2010. Larry has been blessed with his adoptive parents Teresa and Peter Gakumo who took him home on the 29th August 2011. God bless Larry and his new family.