Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ephie(Papa) and Mayana have new families

Mayana and her Mother, What a joy!

Ephie (Papa) and his parents - They really look alike!

When Ephie's adoptive parents came to identify their child, they wanted a boy between 6 months and one year old. We had informed the adoption agency that the boy we had of that age did not have one document which would take one or two months. After negotiating with the adoption agency, they requested if we would show them a 1 1/2 years old child although they were not sure since they wanted a child less than one year old. When I took them to see Ephie, and I told them his name, they laughed a lot and I thought, what could be the problem? I tried to ask them but they could not stop laughing. Ephie is not a common name in Kenya and so I thought, may be they find the name funny. When they later came to the office they told me that the reason why they were laughing so is because they had decided that their adoptive son will be called Ephie, the short form of Ephraim and they were amazed! Isn't God amazing? they said. So our son has been here all along.


2011 Xmas party at Happylife plus the dedication of the new babies

Preparing for the Xmas Party

Xmas cake

Dancing time - the children enjoyed this!

Dedication of the new babies

Rev Peter, Faith and Jenn prays for one of the new babies

We have admitted 5 more children - 4 boys and a girl






Abba is the youngest, 4 days old. She was found abandoned at a nearby village outside a church at around 8 pm.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Volunteers at work - Jenn Hastings and Jenn Hedge

Jenn Hastings feeding Jawabu

Jenn Hedge feeding Nadia

Two new girls - Salome and Malaika

I week old Malaika

One and a half months old Salome

Friday, December 9, 2011

5 more new children

Linda - born 12th November 2011

Kind - born on 11th November 2011

Ian - born on 15th September 2011



Linda, Kind and Ian were born at Thika district hospital and abandoned at the same place. Ian had been born pre-mature with a birth weight of 1.7 kgs, Kind had a birth weight of 2.7 kgs and Linda 3.6 kgs. Erikah and Angeline are from Nairobi Childrens home where they have been for quite sometime after being abandoned in different places in Nairobi. Erikah is about 4 years old and Angeline 2 years old.

Rosemary Kamau