Monday, June 23, 2014

The Volunteer's extra Hand - A great Blessing

Taking care of the children at Happy Life Children's Home is such a noble task!  It has enormous challenges but the truth is, the joy and the fulfillment it gives cannot be compared.  Its hard work, feeding the children after every three hours, changing their diapers, washing their clothes, making their beds...... doing all for them.  However, the work is made easy and more enjoyable when we get a extra hard from our volunteers.... its such a relief.

Other than feeding and keeping them clean, they need to be loved, get some cuddles, fall asleep in someones hands and just feel loved.  The work the caregivers have on a daily basis may not allow them to do all this to all the children - note, they love the children with all their hearts!!! but its not possible.  That's we need and value the volunteers who give their time to come and give a helping hand and love the babies, what a difference this makes to the lives of these little ones.

Thanks to this four ladies( Julie, Katherine, Jaime and Abby),  who spent two weeks at HL and made the work easier for the caregivers.  Waking up very early in the morning to help in the 5 am feeding, changing diapers, playing with the children and had time and took the older children out, but more than anything, loving them.

"Together we are making a difference."  I read these words from a poem; nothing should be more precious than a child, nothing should be more contagious than a smile of a child nothing should be more cared of than a child, tell me stranger what is more beautiful and precious than any dear child...... powerful, i think.... this child needs you and I.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Charles!!

Thanks to the four girls from Canada ( Emily, Sara, Macaila and Alaria), who diligently and with much love gave their time volunteering at Happylife and sponsored Charles's birthday.  We had a big cake; Charles and the whole HL family had a good time.  Happy Birthday Charles, you are loved!!!