Monday, October 29, 2012

New admissions

Baby Amari
 Amari was born on 27th July 2012.  The mother had been admitted at Kenyatta national hospital where she left the baby on 5th August 2012. He stayed at the hospital for two months and then placed at HLCH.  The phone number his mother had left at the hospital doesn't go through. 

Baby Diego
Diego was born on 5th June 2012 at Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital and his mother abandoned him on 8th June 2012. The child's mother left her phone number and she was called on several occasion but refused to go to the hospital.  A certain man who claimed to be the father of the child visited the child severally and is following a case at the court seeking custody of the child.

Baby Jemimah

   Jemimah was born on 24th October 2012 and her mother gave her up for adoption.

Baby Joanna
Joanna was found abandoned on 26th October around 6 am.  According to the police reports, the baby had been wrapped in polythene papers and a Marvin hat.  The baby appeared sick and very dirty which could be due to exposure to the cold weather through the night.  Joanna is approximately 5 months old.