Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Welocme baby Wema

Yesterday when the children's department called us, I could tell from the frantic caller that this was urgent.
When we got to the children office there was Wema wrapped in some dirty cloths that a good Samaritan had borrowed from passerby's.  What first struck me was how cold he was, he was shivering so much and was so dirty. He was just born a few hours ago and put in a plastic bag, then left for the dead!! . I cannot wrap my head around how a person can carry a pregnancy for 9 months and throw away the baby at birth. No matter how many babies we rescue with similar stories , each baby breaks your heart!!  . We are going to give him all the love he deserves and nurture him, I know he has a great future.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy Life welcomes baby Steve Jeza

We continue to witness the selfish nature of  human beings and moral decay. We suspect Steve was stolen from his mother somewhere, because the lady that had him had contradicting stories. First she said that the baby was left by her house help who run away, then she said she got him from a relative. A neighbor reported the matter to the police since they knew the lady had no kids. We hope his mother will find him soon.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Savvanah's Experience at Happy Life

My name is Savvanah Hogan.  Iam eighteen years old from the USA, Iam the forth born in a family of of eleven kids. Ever since I was ten years old it was my dream to come to Africa and help care for children by the time I was seventeen.
Two weeks before my eighteenth birthday, I started volunteering at Happy Life Children's Home. My experience has been far and beyond what I could have asked for or imagined.
On my first day here, we got to rescue a baby what a start!  During four months there we rescued 12 beautiful children. What a joy to see so many kids nurtured and cherished.
HLCH is a place where these babies learn and grow in the loving hands of the many mothers who protect and care for them.
During my time here, I have truly felt like a part of this family. No matter where Iam in this wide world, Happy Life, the children and the extraordinary people who serve here, will forever be part of my heart and life......and I have felt so enriched by my time and experience here.
Thank you to everyone that loved and poured into my life.  You have all changed the way I see this world.
Until next time God willing.

Savvanah Hogan