Monday, December 29, 2014

RIP Veronicah.....

Words cannot explain how we feel as the HL family.  This was too soon and sudden.  We will miss your big smile, your soft spoken voice and all about you.  RIP Vero.....


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Baby Veronicah needs your prayers this Christmas

As we celebrate Christmas with our friends and family, let us please remember our baby girl Veronicah; one of our children at Juja center who is admitted at the hospital.  She is being transferred to a different hospital since she requires blood transfusion.  Veronicah has been in and out of hospital  with the stomach and legs complains.  We still feel like her real problem has not been established even after being admitted severally in different hospitals.  Please pray and support Veronicah.  We are believing God to heal her and free her from pain  and that she will live a healthy life.  Thanks to Mum Ann Asava who has been with her at the hospital for a week now and who will be with her until she is discharged.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hannah, Violet and Naima - Adopted

These three beautiful girls will spend this Christmas in their different forever families. 



Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Juja Graduation

This is Michael and Laura.  We have been volunteers at Happy Life for about 3 weeks so far.  This past week we were invited to Juja.  The youngest at Happy Life’s school in Juja recently graduated into grade one.  They had a big ceremony for the 13 children, including performances by their older classmates, speeches by the U.S. and Kenya directors, gifts and certificates for each of them, and a big lunch with cake and soda (they were really excited about the soda!).  It was so much fun to see all the children so proud and excited about their schooling.  We were honored to be asked to attend and photograph the event.  Enjoy some of our favorites from this awesome day!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Michael & Laura - Volunteers

We are Michael and Laura.  We have been volunteering at Happy Life for about 3 weeks now.  Michael grew up in Kenya and spent 14 years calling Nairobi home.  After we were married we decided we wanted to spend some time together in Kenya, the country Michael loves so much. We search for places to volunteer and found Happy Life Children's Home.  We moved in on our 2 year wedding anniversary and have been spending our days with the beautiful children here at Happy Life.  We have so enjoyed getting to know all of the children, seeing our first rescued baby (Anthony) and today, seeing our first adoption (Violet), meeting Peter and Faith, being here while Jim and Sharron came to visit from the states, and meeting some other amazing volunteers.  Our favorite moments have been celebrating the older student's end of school term with a movie and pizza night, playing with bubbles with the younger kids and watching them joyfully chase them all over the property, and visiting the amazing facilities at Juja.  Laura is a teacher in the U.S. and it has been such a blessing seeing the students' love of learning.  We are so excited to stay here longer and see what amazing things God does while we are here.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Baby Anthony

One week old Anthony is the new member of the HL family.  Calm and  resting in his cot, he feels secure and warmth of caring hands.  Love you Anthony!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Greetings from Kenya.

This far we are thankful to God for giving us sufficient grace in ministry. Particularly in children ministry that we have done for the last 13 years. What a joy that no words can explain to see hundreds of children rescued and transformed through the power of the cross.
Every year we hold a CHILDREN BIBLE CLUB in November and has always been very successful.

This year again we have one and we plan to host more than 300 children for 4 days. Our request for your is that you help Sponser this life changing event. It costs $10 pa child and thus adding up to $3000 for the whole event. Any amount of sponsorship will be a great blessing to these young lives who majority come from very poor families or have no family at all. 
Please let us know how many you can help Sponser and if you need details of how you can send the funds.
Thank you and may The Lord bless you as you partner with us in this noble task. 

Together we are making a difference.

Rev Peter Ndungu.
Director Happy Life Children's Home.
(Hope for abandoned babies)
Nairobi- Kenya.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thanks giving report

We are appreciating God for healing baby Will after being in isolation, and very sick for two weeks.  Now he can use a feeding bottle and he did not have the strength to suck.  Thank God for his recovery. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy Life Staff Day out/Retreat - The best Ever!!!!!

Happy Life team (Juja and Nairobi Staff)
The winning team celebrates

And there was food

Learning time

Team building activity

Team building activities
It was a day full of activities - team building, fun, games, training and more fun.  This was a great day, a day away from the usual and a day to reflect on the great work God has put into our hands.  God has given Happy Life a great team, big hearts of service, and they need such a day to refresh and charged to continue with the mission.  Thanks for our Managing director Faith; mmhhh... her full time presence at Happy Life has brought a difference, some real juicy flavor.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Trina the smiley baby girl - New family

Bill's last day at HL Juja farm

Mixed feelings and a moment of joy and sadness on Bill's last day at HL Juja farm family, and joins his new family, although it was hard to part with his brothers, sisters and school mates, his joy was evident - "I have a mum and dad."

Bill and his new family

They gather in one class to pray and bless Bill.

Mum Salome leads in praying for his son Bill and releases him to his forever family

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Another Happy Life second Experience for Anna Thora, her sister and two friends from Iceland

I decided to write this in English so friends of Happy Life Children's Home can also read this.
This is Alica. I saw her picture on the blog few days before our trip started. That is the first picture here, Alisha and her sad face. She had only been at Happy Life for few days but a month in a hospital after being found with severe malnutrition. So at that point the sad face was her only expression.
When we first saw her, the night we arrived, she was so unhappy and insecure. And my sister got attached to her from that moment. And Alica got attached to my sister at the same moment.
No one was aloud to hold her when Hafdís was around, and she was only supposed to hold her and no other baby.
After some days we started to see her smile and then got to hear her laughter. She started to play a game where she blinked her eyes and we did it back and then she smiled with her pretty happy face
As the weeks went by she got happier and less insecure. And when we left she was as happy as all the other babies at Happy Life.
Alica has scars on her face and body, and no one really knows what that baby girl has been through before she was rescued. But seeing how much it did for her to be in a good home and feel the love and trust is just so amazing! And to see the love and friendship Hafdís and Alica developed in just one month is such a blessing for both of them.
 Anna Thora

Whit has a new family

He was exactly one month old, when Whit was admitted at HLCH on 13th June 2012.  Whit has a new forever mum and dad.  He is a very selfless, peace loving boy ever; he makes sure all the children in the play room has a toy before he gets his.  We will all miss Whit a lot but we are happy for him, we wish him all the blessings in his new life.