Saturday, July 31, 2010

3 more new Babies


Baby Divine

Allysa carrying Baby Nicko

Baby Nicko

Angel is about 1 year old. She was abandoned by her mother at a matatu terminus (stage) in the care of a matatu conductor. However, some people recognized her but said that the mother has been leaving her all alone and sometimes giving her sedatives so that she can remain in bed for a whole day and that they had not seen her for a long time. I wonder why someone would do that to such an innocent young beautiful girl like Angel. Thank God, she has found a loving home at Happy Life. Divine is about 2 weeks old and he was abandoned on the street immediately after birth. The Good Samaritan who rescued reported the case to the area chief, who asked her to stay with her as he tries to do the investigations. After two weeks the mother had not been traced and he was brought at Happy Life. Nicko is about 4 days old. He was abandoned some along the Thika highway behind a heap of rocks being used by the road contractors. He was given the beautiful name by one of our young volunteers from Canada Allysa who has been here with her grandma for two weeks and she also accompanied the nurse as she went to bring the baby from the police station.

Rosemary Kamau
HLCH, Administrator

Friday, July 23, 2010

Together we are making a difference

If only we had several mums of good will to donate their breast milk, some of the babies at Happy Life Children’s Home could be healthier. We try as much as we can to give them the milk formula for the first 6 months. However, the formula is quite expensive here in Kenya but even so, it cannot be compared with the mum’s milk. Liuba our Happy Life Children's home nurse just delivered 3 months ago and she is back to work. When she came back, we had two babies who had been unwell (Aaron and Leo) but Leo was worse, and had become very malnourished. He was on the special formula for sometime and the improvement rate was quite slow and being 3 ½ months old, he weighed 2.7 kgs. Liuba has been devoted in donating her breast milk every day to these two boys and miraculously they are thriving in a great rate especially Leo. Leo is now 3.5 kgs within a period of 3 weeks. Mmmmm what is in the breast milk? I am so impressed and I am a witness that the breast milk is the best for any child. No one who had seen Leo in the last one or so month believes this great improvement. Hahaha, I declare Liuba our nurse the super Mama of the year 2010. Together we can make a difference.

Rosemary Kamau
HLCH, Administrator

Friday, July 16, 2010

Just the Beginning!

Happy Life now owns 5 acres of land!
Think of the potential for the kids!

*The current property will be used for the younger kids (0-3 yrs old)

*The new property will be for the Older kids (3-6 and beyond)

We plan to have some small 2 room "cottages" that will be for "foster parents"
and 5-7 boys or girls. This will become a "family unit".

Our goal is to begin the planting of crops this fall to provide for Happy Life and also to provide funds for the Home. Cows and chickens will soon follow.

Construction of the "cottages" will begin as funds become available.

Pray for wisdom to know how best to develop the new property! Also pray for funds to purchase the land (Cost of $46,000 - $7,000 has been donated with loans of $20,000)

Truly God uses us to be the builders and the watchmen!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

God has a good plan

Baraka and Alpha will now be cousins. This was a great day for them when they were going out for adoption. Alpha’s smile told it all. Their adoptive mothers are first cousins who live in the same area. They were admitted at HLCH on the same day and they have been very close and they have left on the same day. God bless these two boys.


left - Alpha and Right - Baraka