Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What would happen without a Happy Life Home?

This past Sunday Sharon and I presented the ministry of Happy Life to the Children's Church at Glasgow, Delaware.

We have found that young children are very interested in hearing about "Children at Risk" all over the world. They want to find ways to help: can I send them my bed?; I will give them my toys; I wish they had more food. After our presentation one of the boys asked a very important Question:

"What would happen to the abandoned babies if there were not homes like Happy Life?

Awesome Question!

An even more awesome answer:

"Many of those abandoned babies would not live; some would survive
and become 'street children'; a few would be taken in by Kenya

Sharon and I are first time grandparents: Elisabeth is one and a half years old and very cute! Sometimes we look at her and think about her being one of the abandoned children through out the world who have no family.

We thank the Lord that there is a Happy Life Home to provide the abandoned babies in Kenya a Home and a Hope for Adoption! These kids pictured below are no longer abandoned as they wait to be adopted!

(Click pics to make them larger)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Five of our older children graduates to primary school

Last Friday five of our oldest children; loice, Graham, Kevin, David and Fred were having their graduation ceremony to Primary school. This has been a common practice in most of the schools. Parents, relatives and friends attend these occasions to encourage their children as they get from pre-school to primary school and It is usually a big event. Children get presents and pictures are taken and the graduands get quite excited. I attended this ceremony which was very colorful. Kevin was acting in a play on the birth of Jesus. All the others participated in class presentations and I was very glad. However, those who wanted to take pictures of their children were asked to stand somewhere so as not to distract the others who were seated. When the time came for giving the certificates, I was amused with this man who was mean to me and could not really understand whey I had to take so many pictures. He wondered what was wrong with me that I did not give an opportunity to the other parents to take their children pictures and I was just taking and taking. He came to me and asked, How comes you wont give other people chances to take pictures? How many of your children are graduating today? You have taken many pictures and you wont let others? How many graduating children do you have? I smiled, and thought, mmm what if I tell you they are five, would you believe me?

Anyway, these children are growing by the day. The other day they were very young babies and now they are graduating to primary school. Our prayer is that they will be adopted but we cant ignore the fact that some may remain with us. They belong to us. Thank God for our plan to expand to Juja where we will have the family set-up and in this, we need your help. Thanks to all friends and partners of Happy Life. We love and appreciate

Rosemary Kamau