Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So fulfilling but challenging too

Taking care of these precious lives is so fulfilling. I believe it's a calling from God. However, we are always facing some challenges but God always gives us the strength. We have been enjoying a time of good health with the babies and it has been amazing but these last two weeks have been quite challenging. It started with Jordan not feeling well. He was treated and is now well. Then to Happy and Leo, then it was Alisa and Junie. Even before I opened the office today, the care givers reported to me that Aaron is also sick. I put my bags and off to the hospital. Sometimes we go through this trying moment, but to God be the glory, he helps us and gives us the strength. Now all the others are OK but Junie, Alisa and Aaron are still not well but they are on medication. Please let's all pray for these dear babies. We need their beautiful smiles back. When they are unwell, we are ailing too.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ann and Dennis Joins a new School

It has been Ann's dream to join a school where she will be carrying her bag, wear uniform and mostly white socks and use a school bus. She has always been talking about it since she always saw Loice, Kevin, Graham, David and Fred use a school bus as they go to school. Her prayer has been answered and she and Dennis have joined Ruaraka Academy which is a few kilometers from HLCH. However, her desire was to go to the same school with loice but all the same she is very excited about it. She has been having a speech problem but she has improved a lot and now her communication has greatly improved.


Admission of a new baby boy - Larry

Larry was rescued by a Good Samaritan after having been abandoned a few kilometers from HLCH on the night of 9th May 2010 outside the Good Samaritan's gate. He is about 1 1/2 weeks. He was taken to the children's office Kasarani who reported the case to the police and later brought him to us. Larry looks healthy and is feeding well. Let's pray for him to grow well and be in health.