Monday, January 24, 2011

3 more new babies, Tahila(girl) Zac and Habima(boys)





Tahila was abandoned at Githurai in a bush immediately after birth on 14th January 2010. She was rescued by a Good Samaritan who reported the matter to the district children’s officer the following day and admitted at HLCH on the same day. Tahila is 3.8 kgs.


Zac was born on 25th December 2010 at Thika District hospital. His mother later gave him up for adoption the same day through the child welfare adoption society of Kenya.


Habima was born pre-term on 20th October 2010 at Thika District Hospital with a birth weight of 1.7 kgs. He was later abandoned by the mother on 3rd November and has been at the hospital for 1 ½ months. He was admitted at HLCH on 21st January since he has gained some weight to 2 kgs.

Please pray for all the babies and especially baby Tahila who has some health issues and Habima who is still tiny and needs a lot of attention to gain more weight.

Rosemary Kamau
Hlch Admin.

Friday, January 14, 2011

A new baby - Jawabu ( which means, 'Answer')

Jawabu was born at Kenyatta National Hospital on 12th June 2010. The mother later abandoned him and since then he has been there until 6th January 2011, when he was admitted at HLCH.

Rosemary Kamau
HLCH, Admin.

Christmas at Happylife Children's Home 2010

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Life re-unites children with their parents!

From the very beginnings of Happy Life it was our vision to:
"To provide the abandoned children of Kenya with a Home and a Hope for Adoption!"

The Lord has been pleased to give us the "Fruit of our Vision".

  • 23 Children adopted
  • 60 Children in the process of adoption (All by Kenya Parents!)
Occasionally Happy Life has the privilege to provide a "temporary home" for the children whose parent(s) are experiencing a difficult time in their lives. Since 2002, 9 children have been re-united with their parent(s).

Samuel and Faith are now in the process of being re-united with their parents(s):

Samuel was abandoned by his mother, who herself was an orphan, and left Samuel with her sister in September of 2007. The sister could not take care of him for a long time since she was a small girl attending primary school. Samuel's mother was traced and efforts are being made to soon re-unite him with his mother! Praise the Lord!

Faith was recently taken to a police station by a lady who felt that Faith was in danger. She is currently part of the Happy Life Family. On admission she looked sickly and quite malnourished, quiet and scared. Efforts are currently in process to enable Faith to be re-united with her mother.
Praise the Lord!

We thank the Lord that He is using Happy Life to bring children and their parents back together again as a family!