Monday, June 19, 2017

Jaziri has been adopted

We are still cerebrating Jaziri's adoption, it was received with such joy by our caregivers We give God all the glory for giving Jaziri a family.

Welcome baby Emma

There is now a new trend of people abandoning all their kids, in May and June only we have rescued 3 pairs of siblings. Emma's mother moved out of their rental house leaving here two kids behind, Emma who is around 2 months and her sister Pendo around 2 years. They were so weak and malnourished, we didn't think Emma would pull through the night we got her, but with food and warmth the kids are doing better now.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Flora has been adopted

God is giving our older kids a chance to be adopted and its such a blessing. We wish Flora and her new family all the best.

Happy Life welcomes baby Mellisa

We are seeing more and more people choosing to give up their children up for adoption, which is far better than abandoning them. Melissa is one of those that was given up by her mother. She was so tiny when we got her, maybe that's why the mother didn't want to take that responsibility. We are happy to have her.