Monday, November 23, 2015

Hallo Amanda

Amanda's mother come to church as worshipers were busy praying, sneaked in silently and left the baby at the entrance of  the church. Poor lady! she must have thought that was the best thing to do and that maybe God would understand that at least she left  Amanda in his house. I personally think that's better than abandoning her in a forest. She will have a better life here and hopefully a good adoptive family someday.
                                                                     From Sarah

Meet our little prince

The other day the children's department called us with an urgent request, a couple had brought a child who they alleged to have found in a bush, only for the police to realize that the baby was actually their own. They no longer wanted him because he had some physical challenges.  They sneaked out without knowledge of the police and disappeared into thin air. I know its a long road  ahead, but these children belong to God and he has their best interest at heart.
                                                                          From Sarah

Jesse Kay Medical Centre

Our dream of having our own clinic has finally come true. On Friday we had a ground breaking ceremony, the clinic will be up and running very soon and we thank God.
                                                                       From Sarah

Meet David

David is severely malnourished his mother is mentally sick and was not feeding the child for days.  He was rescued by a catholic nun who reported the matter to the children's department he was  near starvation. We ask for you prayers for him to add weight.
                                                                   From Sarah                          


We at Happy Life are so excited to report that our dinner was such a big success. We appreciate everybody that supported us and pray that the lord may shine his face on you.
                                                                From Sarah

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Alicia has been adopted

Our vision and our dream is to have our children adopted into forever homes. We are very excited to inform you that Alicia has been adopted! we will truly miss her, but we know she has gone to a wonderful family.
May the lord guide her life and bless her and her new family.
                                                             From Sarah