Friday, October 30, 2015

HappyLife Dinner

We welcome all our friends and partners to a fundraising dinner on 13th of November. We are trusting God to start a bakery , which will supply our children with enough bread. We also intend to sell to the public to help in the sustainability of the home.
                                                                              From Sarah

Friday, October 23, 2015

All in one room!

The last month or so we have rescued 7 infants, its quite challenging for the care giver since that room has 15 babies now. They are drinking a lot of milk formula which is expensive but, we are not complaining its such a blessing to be able to care for these babies.
                                                              from Sarah

Friday, October 16, 2015

Our little Prince

This boy came in today, he was left in a coffee plantation overnight and a guard found him today in the morning. Sometimes its hard to describe our feelings when we hear such stories, its a mixture of horror and sadness,with God helping us we are determined to give this boy a better life.
                                                                  From Sarah

HappyLife welcome's Rachel

Her mother abandoned her in a neighbor"s house who had a new house help. She looked very afraid when the police brought her but, she is warming up to us slowly, we have a lot of love to offer here and , am sure she is going to be OK.
                                                                 From Sarah

meet baby Luke

We are currently giving Luke shelter as his mother finishes school.
                                                                       From Sarah

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Juja Farm

We have a lot of projects in our center at Juja Farm and, farming is one of them. Our green house has been doing so well and we thank God. We also have poultry and some goats.

                                                                    From Sarah


He is such a handsome boy. Police rescued him from his mother who is currently in police custody.
lets continue praying for him.
                                                              From Sarah

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Praise God for Enoch

We are very grateful to God that Enoch is back from hospital. He was admitted for two weeks, he had a successful surgery and he is recovering very well.
.                                                                 From Sarah


She lights a room with her joy no matter who you are when you enter her room she will giggle and laugh, Natasha has overcome a lot of challenges in her life. Recently our caregivers noted she had developed a habit of sticking her tongue out, only to discover that one of her milk tooth was already too loose, the mother just touched it and it fell. Its amazing that, even though she cannot talk she has ways of making us notice her.

                                                                  From Sarah.