Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Birthday Loise!!

It was a fun-filled evening for Loise and all of us at Happy Life as she turned 11 on Friday, February 13, 2015.  She was also so blessed to have her sponsor visit on February 14, take her out and bring her gifts to share with other kids.  Being our oldest girl here at Happy Life, she plays her big-sister role to the children in a very amiable way and the younger just children love her.  Loise we are proud of you and we love you!!.

From Faith

Lavenda is the newest Family member at HL

This bright and sociable girl joined the Happy Life family last week.  God is truly able to turn a sad story into a positive one.  Lavenda can now have a home and a hope for the future after going through some traumatic experiences.  She has a beautiful and brave smile despite all.  We welcome you Lavenda; Jesus loves you and so do we all.

From Faith

Lynn and Tamara Adopted

It is always a mixture of fulfillment and sadness to let our children go!  But what a joy it is to see these wonderful kids join forever families.  The bonding process is always an interesting time for both parents and the child but we thank God that so many bond so well with the adoptive parents.  It is also interesting to see the resemblances between the parents and the children; this makes us know that the connection is divine.  Praise the Lord!!
Adopted Jan. 26, 2015

Adopted Feb. 1, 2015
From Faith

Anita and Keith Join HL

Anita and Keith are the new Happy Life family members, having joined us during the month of February.  Keith was actually left by his mother who moved out of their house.  We thank God for protection until a good neighbor took him to the authorities.  Anita on the other hand looked well taken care of and it is hard to understand why the mother got desperate and decided to abandon her.  One thing is for sure, these two wonderful children have a great future now that we have rescued them.  We are humbled to do this work...



From Faith

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Another Baby Girl - Jackie

Sadly, abandonment in Kenya continues to be a reality! But before I lament and cry, I want to be grateful to God that such centers like ours exist to rescue and shelter such rejected babies.  One such is Baby Jackie...  Before I even got to Infant A room at open of business this morning, Sarah our SW told me how beautiful the new baby looks.  And true, baby Jackie is so chubby and beautiful.  I held her in my arms as other staff did in turns and I could almost read their minds: "Who would not want this gift from God?"  These are questions I didn't and may never have answers to.  I am just moved by God's mercies and love that this baby did not die when she was left in some bushes last night.  And now she can have a nice slumber in her crib without the slightest care or worry in the world. 

Jackie, you shall live and not die, in Jesus Name!

From Faith

Baby Hadassa joins us!

Baby Hadassa is now part of the Happy Life family, having joined us on Friday, January 30th.  Beautiful girl with bright hopeful eyes!  At first she has had it difficult not being held enough but with the attention and love she has received from everyone around here, she will soon be a happy girl and her smile will broaden.  It is a privilege to be able to bring joy and happiness to such a precious baby.  We thank the Lord for giving her an opportunity to live...

From Faith