Monday, February 29, 2016

Meet Peter Leon

Peter Leon Was born into an underage mother, we are giving him shelter as the police sort his case.
                                                                          From Sarah

Peggy has been reunited

We have  been having  very good days recently of our children getting back with their biological parents, its always our joy and we thank God. Peggy's mother was released from jail and her first stop was Happy Life to see her child who she has not seen for 6 months. She was overcome with emotion and wanted to take the child at night, but we insisted she came the following day with a police letter which she did. We wish both mother and child all the best.
                                                                 From Sarah

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

HappyLife Christian school

As our School continues to grow the demand for food and books become greater, especially cereals and Sugar. The School currently has 105 kids
                                                                     From Sarah

Amanda has been re-united

Some of these stories that we hear about our children are strange than fiction. The church where Amanda was left was actually where his biological father pastors!!! anyway let me not reveal more than I should, but we are glad both parents have agreed to co-parent Amanda. They came for her yesterday and we wish them all the best.
                                                                     From Sarah

Monday, February 22, 2016

Andrew has been re-united

We have been waiting for weeks for Andrew's mother to come for him. She was in jail for abandoning him and when she was released she was not in hurry to come and get him. Finally she came today and we are excited that he will be raised by his parents.
                                                                    From Sarah

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Time to unwind

Our Staff was very excited when pastor Dee and her team from the U.S gave them a well deserved massage and did their nails.
From Sarah

Mary has been re-united

A maternal grandmother came looking for Mary and we could not say no. These children are better when raised by their relatives because then they will identify with a family, but off course some relatives are bad that's why we keep them here. We wish her all the best.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mick has been re-united

Tuesday was an exciting day for us when the children's department informed us that they had found Mick's mother. She was arrested at night  and taken to jail for one week, when she came back the person that was taking care of the boy, had already reported her missing and taken the child to the police.  Its always a joy when these kids are found by their parents and we hope him all the best.
                                                                          From Sarah

HappyLife welcomes Diana

Diana was left by her mother in a market place, a vendor saw her and took her home. She has stayed with her for one week waiting to see if anybody will come for Diana, when nobody came she reported the matter to the children's office yesterday.  Diana looks fine and right at home, she doesn't  look scared and started immediately interacting with the other kids. She looks like she is approximately 3 years. We don't understand how anyone can raise a child up to this age and then abandon her. We are hoping she is just lost and they will soon find her.
                                                                         From Sarah

Monday, February 8, 2016

Meet baby Jessy

Baby Jesse was abandoned at only one day old.  The mother wrapped the baby well and left him near a bus stop where a good Samaritan found him and reported the matter to the police. He is very peaceful and you have to wake him up to feed, I have waited for two days to get a glimpse of his eyes to no avail. We shall take care of him to the best of our ability.
                                                                         From Sarah

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

HappyLife welcomes Shaana Nicole

Shaana  was left by her mother in an abandoned building in the basement. A good Samaritan heard her crying and called the police she is approximately one year. We have noted she does not like women, maybe her mother was mistreating her. she has not stopped crying since she was brought and we are praying that God gives her peace.
                                                                      From Sarah

We welcome baby Mary

Mary's mother abandoned her yesterday in a bush because her estranged husband was asking for a DNA test. Mothers should protect their children no matter what ,but this particular mother didn't  care she left the baby in the scorching  sunlight, but fortunately a good Samaritan found her. She is a health baby which despite this ordeal it seems she has been well taken care off. Happy Life is a refuge for abandoned babies so she is in the right place.
                                                              from Sarah

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Meet baby Dwight

Dwight was rescued yesterday by the police from a garbage pit. He is approximately 3 weeks old when he came he had insect bites all over his body and looked rather frail. He will at least get a decent bed to sleep on and good food here.
                                                                    From Sarah

Monday, February 1, 2016

HappyLife welcome's Baby Patty

Prisons are meant to be correctional facilities but apparently some people become worse in prisons. Patty was born today by an inmate who left her in a maize plantation. It seems she was trying to kill the baby because her head is slightly deformed, when the police brought her she looked very peaceful and oblivious of her surroundings. We are glad that God has given the grace to take care of these precious children
                                                          from sarah