Friday, October 19, 2018

Walk for health

Happy Life in conjunction with Jesse Kay.  Children's Hospital welcomes' you to an annual walk, please join us and lets walk for health and hope.

Meet baby Baraka

We  are giving him shelter and protection for now as the police sort his issue.

Meet Hayden

He is so tiny and was a preterm baby born at 8 months and only 1.5 kgs.  He has stayed in hospital for 3 weeks for him to at least gain some weight, we got him this week at 1.8kgs.  Lets pray for him, am sure he will pull through he is a warrior.

Say hello to baby Garret

We just got him and he is the cutest baby! the mother wanted him to have a better life because she could not raise him.  We are wishing him God's blessings and all the best in life.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Hello Clarence!!

The new trend in Kenya of placing your child for adoption, is more encouraging than the horrendous scenes we were witnessing a couple of years back, of people killing babies and leaving them in garbage, pit latrines, forests etc.  Clarence is one of those babies that the mother had decided to give another shot at life by giving him up for adoption.  We got him at 2 days old.

Tyler has been adopted

Isn't it exciting when we have to report an adoption every month! its our dream come true and an accomplishment of our vision of making sure every child gets a forever home.  Tyler is going to get all the love he needs from his new parents, and we are wishing him God's blessings.