Friday, March 22, 2013

Prayers for Ezekiel

We can only do so much and God to do the rest, that's what gives me strength in such a situation.  When we admitted baby Ezekiel, he was in great pains with a condition we had not experienced before known as prolapse.  We immediately took him to the hospital but the condition did not improve.  He later went through an operation  and it only lasted two months and the prolapse was there again.  This was heart breaking!! we consulted the same doctor who said that he was to repeat the procedure and he was to charge the same amount, other doctors advised us to wait until he was older and it became even more confusing.  We have consulted one doctor to the other and we get different opinions.  However, today we prayed in the morning and asked the Lord to guide us on what to do next.  Ezekiel has not been eating well for a whole week now and his health has been deteriorating and everyone of us is getting so much concerned.  He was then taken to the hospital and after an ultra sound, the doctor found out that he has congenital abnormalities which involves several organs.   "why did the first doctor who is one of the best pediatric surgeon in the country detect this when operating him?   Why is it that this boy has to go through all this pain?  but, WE CAN ONLY DO SO MUCH AND LEAVE THE REST TO GOD!!!   As we wait to take him for more tests on Monday at Kenyatta National Hospital, we ask you to pray, pray for this young boy, Ezekiel needs our prayers. 


New Children Admitted

These three children have been admitted at HLCH.  The twins are orphaned but Daniel was left at Kenyatta Hospital, having been admitted for treatment.. They will all be going to our Juja Farm home.

Dominic and Peter -orphaned twins

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Noah, James and Kind goes for Adoption




These three boys have been adopted into three different families in the course of this week! what a joy.  I still remember how tiny the three of them were when they were being admitted at Happylife.  Kind used to cry a lot and I always teased him to be a bit kind to us or we change his name, he is a smiley sweet boy .  James, was very small but he has grown very fast; a darling to many and is very smart, Noah the cool handsome boy is the peaceful champ.  God bless our boys and bless Happylife!