Friday, December 27, 2013

Season's Greetings

Happy Life Children's Home family wishes  all our partners,  friends and well wishers a Merry Xmas and prosperous 2014!!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A volunteer's Experience

I dont believe my time at Happy Life is over.  After spending 3 months there it was time to pack and go home.  Wish I didn’t have to, I really felt like home already. As I write this there are 2 days since my driver backed out of the front gate, with me crying in the back seat. I still don’t believe that I’m not there anymore, I can’t stop going through my pictures with tears in my eyes. Happy life really touched my heart.

 There are so many children that I love and miss, but also I got moms and friends there that I will never forget. When you’re on your own faraway from family and friend it’s always good to feel that there is someone there for you and that’s something I truly felt

I fell in love with one baby boy I think even before I got there.   I saw his picture few days before my journey started and when we meet he was like my own right away. His smile just makes my day every time.  As the days went by I kept falling in love with all of the kids one by one.
I think every child there has touched me in some way, their background, their need for love and attention, their smiles and hugs and also the love I received from them. They all take their own time to decide when they are ready to let you be their friend, some are your best friend as soon as they see you for the first time but others the take all the time they need. And no matter how long it takes it‘s always as great to earn their love and trust.  Spending 3 months with babies means a lot of changes, they are at that ages that you can see them growing day by day. Seeing the first smile, learning to sit and stand and some even to walk, wow I was and always will be so proud of them.
As hard it was to leave it helps a lot knowing how well the children are taken care off. I miss the moms and the staff as much as I miss the children. And I admire them for the terrific job they do. They really amaze me. It also helps to know that volunteers will keep on coming to stay and help. With more people around makes the day better for everyone I think. I really encourage everyone that wants to be a volunteer to apply at Happy life.  I have been thinking about volunteering for a long time and something always came up so I never did anything about it. But earlier this year I knew it was time and I’m so glad that Happy life was the home I got to experience. I think it was the best place for me to stay at. It has been a life changing experience that I will always keep in my heart. 

Here are few pictures that I love:
 Me and the big children having an awesome day together

 The last baby that came to Happy life before I left was a two day old boy. I got to name him and his name is Gabriel

Some of the best times are moments like this. Here I’m with Daniela (4 weeks). She really loves to have a good talk. It so great to see her just looking at you when you talk to her, it’s like she is really listening.

The week I got to meet these gorgeous babies might just be the hardest one there. They all came as a new born and they are all born in the same week.  On this picture they are all under two weeks. Now they are almost three months and have grown so much. 
Thank you Happy life for changing my life.
Anna Thora

Monday, November 18, 2013

1st Graduation at Happy Life Christian School




Reciting a poem               

and they sang and danced

It started like a dream but now its for real! Happy Life Christian School had its first graduation ceremony on Friday 15th November 2013 with 35 Children all from Happy Life Children's Home (Juja centre).  This was so exciting and emotional  at the same time, seeing these children whom we have seen grow and now in school, and not any other school but HLCS!!! God is surely the father to the fatherless!  John and Melvin were among those  graduating to class one, other graduated to class two and three respectively.  Thanks to all our friends and partners who have enabled us to reach this far; "together we are making a difference!) We are hoping to have four classrooms ready in January so as to admit  more children even from the surrounding community. Happy Life Christian school,Giving Hope; Transforming Lives’


Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Happy Life Christian school classes (at Juja farm centre) is in progress.  Thanks to all our partners who have given this far for this great work! God bless.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Its Seth's turn

Seth and his new family.  What a joy!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Joanna and Emma are forever sisters!!

What a joy!! Joanna and Emma are now forever sisters!  Emma was adopted on February 2010 when she was 7 months old.  Three years later, she has a lovely sister (Joanna) and a great Mummy!!!We already miss Joanna but we are so grateful that there is a divine destiny for all the children we take care of. 

                                                                  Joanna and her mum


Monday, September 16, 2013

Baby Benaih - "God builds"

Its hard to beleive that a mother would do this to her own son but it has happened!!!  Benaih was born on Wednesday 11th in the morning.  Instead of his mother appreciating this great gift, she tried to strangle and kill him but God watched over this angel.  She then put him in the garbage plastic bag,  put some garbage on top and put it outside the flat where she resides since it was a garbage collection day!! But GOD had a bigger, better plan.  One of the garbage collectors as he threw the garbage in the lorry heard the baby crying in one of the bags and dropped it in fear.  He called his colleagues and they gathered courage and removed the child from the littered bag. 

 The nurse cleaning Beniah's wounds. His mother attempted to kill him.

At this point, people started gathering to see what was happening.  This happened a few blocks from Happylife home and  a group of people ran towards Happylife asking for help.  It was early in the morning and the night shift caregivers were feeding the babies but they had to rush and rescue this precious boy.  To their amazement, the boy was still joint with the placenta and the cord was not yet tied.  A certain woman came with a string, tied the cord but did not cut the Placenta. They then rushed the boy to the hospital where the cord was cut and he was checked and given some antibiotics.  The question still ringers in my mind, why did she( the mother )do it?  The mother was later arrested and I happened to meet her at the police station and all I wanted to know was, why would she do such a beastly act?  but she said nothing!!!! Argggrrr!! However, Benaih is safe HL and we are all praying that he will be well soon.
He could afford some peaceful sleep now
The name Beniah means - God builds.  God protected him and He will watch over him to fulfill His purposes through him.  He is responding very well.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Onesmus, Elisha and Gift joins the HL Family

6 months old Onesmus

One month old Elisha

2 days old Gift

These three boys were admitted in the same week.  Onesmus was abandoned by the mother, leaving him with a woman pretending to attend the call of nature.  She then ran away leaving him in the care of the Good Samaritan.  Elisha was left by his mother in a house on 28/8/2013 in a certain family but they knew the mother quite well.  Since then, she has not gone back and her whereabouts are not known.  Gift was left at the hospital immediately after birth.


Monday, September 9, 2013

A Volunteer's Perspective

A few words from two American volunteers:

"Happy Life Children's Home is a place like no other I have ever encountered. Though I have traveled to Africa and worked with abandoned children before, never have I seen a place so saturated with love. The moms here take care of these children as if they were their own and I can clearly see the love in their eyes as they interact with each different age group.

Most of my 29 days here so far, I have been working with the infants. Because of their eating schedule, they require A LOT of attention.  I have particularly fallen in love with one of them. My first day here, Cathy and I bonded immediately.  Though she at first seemed sullen, the minute I picked her up she began to laugh and snuggle.  She is absolutely precious and I would take her home in a heartbeat if I could.  The other babies have also wiggled their way into my heart as I've gotten to know their individual personalities. I know that leaving them in just a few weeks will be difficult.

Aside from working with the babies, the most unique thing about Happy Life is how the children love and teach each other.  The older children constantly are playing with the younger ones... and teasing them occasionally... and you can see the love that they share is indeed that of siblings.  It is as if they are all growing up with 60+ brothers and sisters. What a blessing!
For potential parents that may be reading this, I assure you: Happy Life is full of wonderful little ones in search of a home that could complete your family. Personally, I know that the time I have spent here will forever be remembered as a learning experience about Kenya and a wonderful opportunity to love on these beautiful children." -Madeline

"So by now you've read Madie's post and know a few things; we work with babies, we've been here 29 days, and we love these kids.  All of these things are true, but the last one is the one I'm going to focus on. I worked with children back home through churches, various jobs, and volunteer work and I've come to learn that kids, whether here or there, bring happiness into the world. Kids are the joy of my day. They are examples of unconditional love and they do not care whether I look like I haven't brushed my hair in days, which is honestly, probably the case. They laugh, smile, and bring more happiness to me than I could ever bring to them. That being said, I can't help but wonder about the future of these kids that are so happy now? Being young myself (22 years), I'm blessed to have the support system I do found in my family and friends. What will these children have to lean on when they're 22? 20?18? Those ages seem far away, now, yes. Especially when they are so safe, and loved here.  Happy Life Children's Home is, indeed, a happy place to live. Joy lives here. My hope when you're reading this is to get the impression that these children are happy, well-cared for, and loved at Happy Life. Because that impression is 100% true. My concern comes from wanting to know this remains the case throughout the entirety of their lives. And because of the age I'm at now, I'm prone to wonder about them when they turn these crucial transitioning ages that I find myself in.

My hope is that whoever is reading this understands that adopting a child is not a one time event, but one that you will live out every day for the rest of your life. It is an event that they, your child, will live out every day as well. Adoption means the chance for a child to always feel loved. To always feel secure. It is the chance to thrive.

Leaving these kids behind will be hard, being unsure of their futures. I'm praying that these little lights keep on shining beyond their time here. I'm incredibly thankful for children, worldwide, that continue to love us, and laugh with us and I cannot wait to pursue that journey with a child of my own."

Friday, September 6, 2013

Happylife Christian School

 The new block of classrooms has started.  At the moment, will be using the small class plus the multipurpose hall.  However, the need to have these classes ready is great, plus the need to start building the third house since we have 13 other children who should be joining school in January! God has continually provided!! He gave this big vision.  We did not think this number of the children would rise so fast.  Thanks to all the friends and partners of HL who have continued to support this great vision! "

 The classrooms block in progress

Getting ready to occupy the second house at Juja farm House!!

We have about 17 children who will be getting into the new house at Juja farm coming Monday and join school immediately!! Huh!! Exciting and tasking as well!, a total of  35 children at Juja farm; all attending school.  What a week it has been!!, getting everything into place, buying stuff, and the for the exodus of the next 17 children to Juja is set.  These children cant wait!!

   Happylife van loaded up with stuff for the new Juja farm house,  ready to take off.  Mattresses, clothes, cooker, fridge etc.