Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hope for Abandoned babies - and the Vision continues.................................................

 Renewing our License is always a tedious exercise that we have to undergo after every three years.  Its that time again!!!! but not the way we were eight years ago, when the new registration practice was introduced..... much better.  Sometimes I wonder, why cant they make it five!!!!  However, over the years, I can testify that God has been faithful; He is the father to these fatherless children.   I still remember when they introduced the new registration requirements and I had to prepare the first document.... from a vacuum; it gave me sleepless nights, not any more.  Last week when I went to the children's department to apply for the renewal, it took me less than 5 minutes, I was so encouraged.  I am almost finishing preparing the document, the public health inspection was to be carried out this week but they postponed it to next week, and one more inspection from the CCI's committee.  It would take us weeks or months to get the public health people to inspect the home then, but I thank God who has connected us; thus making this easy for us.  And our mission continues, "we got to bring hope to more abandoned babies in Kenya."  Thanks a lot to all our partners and friends who continually pray and give towards this noble course. "Together we are making a difference"

 Yes - there is hope

Friday, March 7, 2014

March 2014 New Babies



shemiah and Leroy are our March 2014 babies who we admitted this week!  Leroy was given up for adoption by his Mum; he is only one week old.  Shemaiah, who is about one month old was found abandoned in a bush in a certain village in Thika.  God has a better plan for these two boys!! They have joined our big HL family!!!