Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Carol goes back to the family that rescued her

Carol was abandoned when she was about 4 months old outside a residential house one early morning. The owners of the house rescued her and reported the case to the police. They were told to stay with the child as the police try to investigate on the parents whereabouts but after a 3 months, they had not yet found the parents. They were then told to bring the child at Happy Life children's home although they really wanted to keep her. It has been hard for the adoption agency to decide on who was to adopt carol since several parents had applied to adopt her but they concluded that the family that rescued her and stayed with her for three months was the one to adopt her since they had bonded quite well and even for the time she was at Happylife, the adoptive mother used to visit her very often.

Rosemary Kamau

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prayers for Baby Aaron

Aaron is one year and one month old. He was admitted at Happy life when he was just one one week old. He was given his named Aaron by Miriam – a young volunteer from Switzerland who stayed with us for 3 months – saying he will name him Aaron as in the bible, Aaron was Miriam’s sister. Aaron is a very happy boy. He started developing some chest congestions last year and we took him to the hospital on several occasions and he would get treated but we thought that he would be asthmatic. Since then we have consulted several doctors, and most of them have had different opinions on what is supposed to be done to Aaron. We have done several tests of which some of them are quite expensive and different doctors have come up with different opinions, some advising for an operation some opposing it. The last report we got from a specialist who did some tests on him said that one of his kidneys has completely failed and needs to be removed. They could not identify what could have caused this since the kidney is not blocked. He has not given us a date on when this should be done but whatever the case; we all should pray for this dear boy that all will be well with him. The amazing thing is, he looks very healthy, he is growing normally and he has not had the chest congestion for a long time now. God is in control.

Rosemary Kamau