Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baby Joy has a New Mama

Joy was was admitted at HLCH on 19th October 2009. Three weeks after admission, we noted that she had poor feeding and some chest infection. She was then put on antibiotics for one week without improvement. Later she was admitted at the hospital where she was put on oxygen for 1 ½ months in an intensive care. The doctors said her lungs had been badly infected and her hope of survival was minimal. By the grace of God, Joy miraculously recovered. Now Joy has a new mother! Her adoptive mother is very excited that she finally got her beautiful daughter. As we said a prayer of blessing to Joy, her adoptive Mum was overwhelmed with Joy and tears freely flowed from her eyes seeing what God had done to her blessing her with this beautiful girl. Although we were very happy for Joy parting with her was a very hard for us. Everyone got very emotional as we said the prayer. Her Mothers words were, "only God can bless you for what you have done." Seeing where Joy has come from and who she is now and what God has done for her fulfills our heart. We cannot even see the challenges we went through when She was very sick. God bless Joy. Its only one day and we already miss her.

Rosemary Kamau
HLCH, Admin.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy are the kids at Happy Life!

Our name truly reflects the happiness seen on the faces of the staff, volunteers, adoptive parents and most of all the kids.

(Click each pic to make larger)

OUR STAFF: Administrator, Social Worker, Nurse


Fred and Amanda (from LA)

Tracey from LA

Jennifer from Ks


Two new moms (cousins) with Elijah and Cyrus


Lois Graham Mickey David Fred


Even the moneys in Kenya are happy!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to Elijah and Jedidiah!

The twins were two of our first 4 kids in January of 2002 and the first two kids to be adopted from Happy Life in March 2003!

Birthday: December 19, 2001

The Lord continues to bless! Elijah and Jedidiah live in Delaware with their mom and are in the 3rd grade.

Such potential for these boys and all the abandoned child that were taken in by Happy Life Children's Home.

You have made it possible!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Emma has a new Family

About two weeks ago, we had a very hard time at Happy Life Children's Home. So many babies were sick, Max went home to be with the Lord and we had to go to the hospital everyday. We thank God for the recovery and specifically for Baby Leo. However, we are encouraged in the Lord and we can smile again. In a midst of the trials, Emma's Adoptive Mum was going through the bonding process. The bonding process had to take a longer time because of what we were going through but she was very persistent and could not loose heart. Now its time to go home and Rita, Emma's adoptive mum is very excited and happy. God bless Emma and her new Family

Rosemary Kamau

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What would happen without a Happy Life Home?

This past Sunday Sharon and I presented the ministry of Happy Life to the Children's Church at Glasgow, Delaware.

We have found that young children are very interested in hearing about "Children at Risk" all over the world. They want to find ways to help: can I send them my bed?; I will give them my toys; I wish they had more food. After our presentation one of the boys asked a very important Question:

"What would happen to the abandoned babies if there were not homes like Happy Life?

Awesome Question!

An even more awesome answer:

"Many of those abandoned babies would not live; some would survive
and become 'street children'; a few would be taken in by Kenya

Sharon and I are first time grandparents: Elisabeth is one and a half years old and very cute! Sometimes we look at her and think about her being one of the abandoned children through out the world who have no family.

We thank the Lord that there is a Happy Life Home to provide the abandoned babies in Kenya a Home and a Hope for Adoption! These kids pictured below are no longer abandoned as they wait to be adopted!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Five of our older children graduates to primary school

Last Friday five of our oldest children; loice, Graham, Kevin, David and Fred were having their graduation ceremony to Primary school. This has been a common practice in most of the schools. Parents, relatives and friends attend these occasions to encourage their children as they get from pre-school to primary school and It is usually a big event. Children get presents and pictures are taken and the graduands get quite excited. I attended this ceremony which was very colorful. Kevin was acting in a play on the birth of Jesus. All the others participated in class presentations and I was very glad. However, those who wanted to take pictures of their children were asked to stand somewhere so as not to distract the others who were seated. When the time came for giving the certificates, I was amused with this man who was mean to me and could not really understand whey I had to take so many pictures. He wondered what was wrong with me that I did not give an opportunity to the other parents to take their children pictures and I was just taking and taking. He came to me and asked, How comes you wont give other people chances to take pictures? How many of your children are graduating today? You have taken many pictures and you wont let others? How many graduating children do you have? I smiled, and thought, mmm what if I tell you they are five, would you believe me?

Anyway, these children are growing by the day. The other day they were very young babies and now they are graduating to primary school. Our prayer is that they will be adopted but we cant ignore the fact that some may remain with us. They belong to us. Thank God for our plan to expand to Juja where we will have the family set-up and in this, we need your help. Thanks to all friends and partners of Happy Life. We love and appreciate

Rosemary Kamau

Friday, October 29, 2010

The youngest one is Baby Hekima

Hekima was abandoned two weeks ago immediately after birth at Kiambu district hospital. We admitted him today and he is a lovely boy. Hekima means 'Wisdom.' This is what he will be a man of great wisdom from God. We will be admitting more babies and plans are underway. The babies for the new ones are all set. WE love it.

Debbie is adopted

It was a great day yesterday for Debbie when she finally had to go with her adoptive mother who islovely single lady. The lovely, very active, sweet Debbie is one year old. Debby was found abandoned at the railway line in Kibera slums and was rescued by a good Smaritan who has a shop nearby. She took her to the police, who took her to Kenyatta Hopital and later placed at HLCH. Bye Debbie and we pray that you will bring joy to your new family just like you have been to us. We miss her already.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Living in a Family setting!

Click to Enlarge

We are excited about having our children 3 years and up being able to live on our new property in a "Family Setting". As you can see from the drawing, each house will be 3 bedrooms: we will hire a set of "parents" and have one bedroom with about 5 boys and 5 girls in the other.

Each house will cost about $30,000. Plans are to begin building one house as soon as our funds will enable (we currently have the funds to begin the building). More houses will be constructed according to the need and available funds.

The next blog spot will show the multi-purpose building that will be built to provide a classroom, indoor play area, room for a caretaker, meetings and admin space.

We praise the Lord that he has provided the land and donors to supply the funds!

A "Mom and Dad" for these precious children!

"Unless the Lord builds and watches over the house....."

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hand in Hand we Serve

(Click picture to make larger)
It is great to be part of the 21st Century!

God has given us the means to increasingly become his hands, feet, eyes, and ears!
  • We can go to the people who are hurting: seeing the needs; holding the baby; washing the clothes; giving hugs and kisses....
  • Pictures can be used to share the need with others.
  • The internet gives us the ability to follow the ministry from day enabling us to know how best to pray and how to minister.
We thank the Lord that the world is becoming smaller every day!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Have just admitted one new baby - Tracy

Baby Tracy has just been admitted at HLCH. She was abandoned today at the streets of Mathare slums shortly after birth. The good Samaritan took her to the children's office and then brought to us. She looks like she has some eyes infection but she is yet to be taken to the hospital for the general check up. She looks okay and we pray and hope that she will be in health even as she awaits the check-up tomorrow. God bless baby Tracy.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Duncan Has a New Family

Duncan is 9 months old. He was admitted at HLCH on the same day he was been having been abandoned outside a house at Membley estate at Ruiru. He is one happy child and he has grown very well without health issues. Now, Duncan has found a new family. He will have a new sister and a brother, a mum and a dad. It took this family sometime since they were not sure whether to adopt a boy or a girl. They had qualified to adopt either but they could not agree but they gave themselves two weeks to pray and they all agreed on Duncan. What an excitement! This day is a great and exciting day for Duncan's new family. God bless

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Opportunities to Visit


Volunteers hug and hold; kiss and touch; feed and clothe; paint and repair; sing, read and smile!

From one day to several months!

Volunteers come from Belgium, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Venezuela, Ireland, Turkey, Switzerland, Taiwan, Serbia, Germany, United States, England,...

Happy Life now is able to provide housing for volunteers!

We have been told by different volunteers and Kenyans that the kids at Happy Life are very well adjusted socially and physically! This is a credit to the Happy Life TEAM: Pastor Peter, the staff, and the "mothers" who work so hard and show much love to the children.

When will you be coming? The kids will love you!

Contact us:
*Pastor Peter (ndungukamau@yahoo.com)
*Pastor Jim (revpowell@juno.com)