Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Leaving a baby in a hospital bench sounds very absurd but that is what happened to baby Amanda.  Sometime you wonder whats going on in peoples heads.   How do you even sleep at night, when you newborn baby is crying in a hole somewhere.  What this mother did is horrible but its better than, throwing the baby in a pit.

Happy Life Welcomes baby Micah

This precious boy was born a few days ago, put in a box and left for the dead.  The police rescued him at around 11pm at night naked and cold.  I remember  feeling so apprehensive to take him in,since he was so fragile,but how could we say no, he is so cute.  He is now doing so much better.


I dont know whether to say we are having a spiritual problem or just moral decay.  3 infants abandoned in one week almost in the same area is too much.  Melody was just born wrapped so nicely and left by the roadside.  Thank God somebody saw her before anything bad happened to her.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Hello baby Kiama"

A passersby was going to work a few days ago, and heard what sounded like a baby crying from a dumpsite. On checking, there was baby Kiama wrapped in a dirty cloth left for the dead!
God had preserved him because he wanted him to be found, greatness is his portion.  He is a very big baby and so good looking.

Meet Baby Angela

I cannot count the times we have rescued babies that were locked in the house by their uncaring parents, but no matter how many time it happens, it still breaks you heart to thin what this children go through.  This is the case with Angela whose mother would rather get drunk than take care of her.
She still looks very withdrawn and we can barely get her to smile, with time though, I know she will feel the love that our caregivers give and come out of her shell.

Meet Baby Angela

Meet Baby Angela

Happy Life welcomes Allan

At the end of last year we welcomed this precious boy into the Happy Life family.  He was wrapped in a blanket and dumped near a car wash by unknown person, thank God a good Samaritan found him before he was too cold. He is now safe and warm with us.


Happy new year everyone.  Thank you for your support and for always visiting our blog.  Welcome to 2018 and please continue following us.  Please leave us your comments or suggestions on how we can improve our blog.