Friday, January 31, 2014

Faith, Mitchelle and Angela - There is Hope!!

They came to Happy Life at different times and each of them had a story.  A sad story of being abandoned by the people they called family; a mother? a dad?  we cant tell.  One thing is sure, they are happy to belong to a big family, the HL family and to the Shalom family, and Salome as their Mummy. They love it to be sisters; not now in despair but full of hope.  They just got to their house after school and they are happy.  Their destiny is big, yes!! its big with a big God.  Hope is written all over their innocent faces!! We thank God for Happy Life.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Enoch's Story

Enoch was  admitted at HLCH on 22nd August 2012 when he was about 3 - 4 months old.  He seemed to be in good health although his chest was a bit congested; he was a jovial baby. 
Picture of Enoch when he was admitted at HL
 He was put on some antibiotics but after two weeks, the congestion worsened.  We were referred to another hospital and to another and finally he was admitted at the Gertrude hospital where he was in ICU(intensive care ward) for 10 days and in the recovery ward for another 3 weeks.  It so happened that when he got serious, the doctors in the governments hospitals were on leave and since it was an emergency, we took him to Gertrude children's hospital.  He accumulated a very large bill of more than a million Kenya shillings which we have not yet settled the whole of it until now.  When he was released from Gertrude, Enoch was never the same, he was discharged paralyzed, some doctors says its cerebral palsy; of which we cant figure out whether it was a result of the sickness or the effects of the drugs he was taking.... very unfortunate!! However, we thank God who has a good plan for his life. 
The day he was discharged from Gertrude Hospital
The first week of this year, he got sick again and admitted at Kiambu district hospital with bronchial pneumonia.  He was discharged on Friday 17th and has fully recovered.  However, the doctors have advised that he needs frequent therapy although we used to take him for a therapy once a week.  God got him out of the comma when he was at the ICU for 10 days!! He has healed him again, He has a good plan for his Life!!! Our prayers goes to Enoch.

Enoch  now


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Changed by the Power of Love and Family!

Lost! Withdrawn! Confused!, Sick,all these and more described the situation baby Veronica was in when she came to Happy Life on 13th November 2012.  We could not figure out what she had gone though only what we could read from the police letter that she was found abandoned in a small town in the out-skirts of Nairobi on 14th May 2012, and later referred to Nairobi children's Home.  Her face spoke it all; she was a sad child who had gone through so much when she was just a baby.  This is a common phenomenon to most of the children admitted when they are a bit older.  Veronicah started ailing a few days after admission.  In one occasion, she was admitted at Kenyatta National hospital for 8 days.  She has had occasional pains in her legs and abdomen and I think the doctors have not fully verified what could be the problem although she has improved a lot and the pains are not as often as they were then.   However, Veronicah smile today speaks louder, " I know I belong, am loved and I have a loving family!! She belongs to the Shammah family in our Juja centre and in nursery class.  Thank God for Happy Life!!
On admission

Veronicah smile speaks

She belongs to the Shammah family in our Juja centre and in nursery class.  Thank God for Happy Life!!