Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Meet Baby Sarah

Sarah's mum is a mental patient, who is currently confined in an institution. Nobody knows who the father is or her relatives, so when Sarah was born the hospital took care of her for four months. Nobody has come to claim her so we took her in. We hope that someday a relative will come for her.

HappyLife Welcomes baby Samuel

Samuel was abandoned by his mother in Hospital immediately after birth. The hospital has kept him for several months, to see if the mother would come back but she never did. We got him yesterday and we are committed to giving him a better life.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Meet Debbie

This is becoming a very familiar story in Happy Life, people bringing children in this world that they are not willing to care for. Debbie was abandoned by her mother in hospital at birth and has stayed there for over a month. Today we got her from hospital and we are hoping to do our best to raise her till she gets a forever home.

Meet baby Adonia

Adonia was abandoned by her mother outside a National Hospital, the hospital took her in, waiting to see if somebody would claim her but nobody did. She has been in hospital for several weeks. She will find care and love in Happy Life and grow to be a wonderful woman of God.

HappyLife welcome baby Vickie

Vickie was abandoned in a bush after birth, a good Samaritan found her and took her to the nearest Hospital. Nobody has come to claim her and after staying in hospital for a few days we went for her yesterday. It is a constant struggle with these infants because, they should be home with mum nursing, but the world is increasingly evil and we have to step in and me the mother.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Meet Amanda

A good Samaritan helped Amanda's mum with a place to stay because she said she was lost and didn't know where she was going. After 3 days she disappeared into thin air leaving the baby, the good Samaritan reported the case to the police, and that's where we got Amanda from. She is a cheerful child who is oblivious of what has befallen her, but we at Happy Life are committed to giving her a good life.

Hello Baby Myla

Myla's mother is a teenager who works as a house help, she got pregnant and her employer encouraged her to give the baby up for adoption. We got Myla on Tuesday when she was only two days old., she is such a beauty.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

HappyLife welcomes Mavis

Baby Mavis was given up for adoption by her young mother, who has two more children who she is raising alone. That is a better option than throwing the baby in the bush or harming her, with God on our side we shall give Mavis the best care we can until she is adopted into a forever home.