Monday, December 17, 2018

Terry has been adopted

Thank God for the miracle of adoption, and the wonderful families that are willing to take in a child and give them love and shelter. We wish Terry and her new mum all the best and God's provision

Another new baby

If you ask us, the mothers that decide to give their babies up for adoption because they cant raise them, do the best thing for these babies instead of abandoning them in the midst of nowhere.  Jennifer's mother made that decision to give her up, we are sure a good family will adopt her soon.

Meet Faith Imani

We named her double Faith, because she will grow to be a woman of Faith,once she gets to know her unfortunate beginning.  Somebody carried her for nine months and abandoned her by the roadside for motorists to run her over!! Its heart breaking when you look into her innocent eyes oblivious that her mother put her on harms way.  Thank God for Happy Life, she is now getting all the warmth and love she needs.

Meet our miracle baby

Can you imagine going to work one rainy morning and hearing a noise come from a ditch nearby, on checking you realize its actually a baby wrapped with a dirty bed sheet and soaked from the rain!! God is gracious that he saved this baby's life who we named Alex. God bless all the good people out there that save these children and report to the police.