Tuesday, June 25, 2013

AdoptionS!! - 3 More boys, Jabari, Hillary and Shawn!!




We would call it a season of adoption!!!.  This happened last year between May and August when a big number of those children who left HL for adoption in 2012 left at this particular time, It's happening again!!! In a span of one week, we have placed six children with their adoptive parents, what a joy!! Now its Jabari, Hillary and Shawn who left the same day.  These three have one thing in common, they love attention!! They can now enjoy all the love and attention they have yearned for from their loving parents.  We will defently miss these boys but we are very happy for them.


Monday, June 17, 2013

This is what Stella's parents had to say......... so sweet"

 We were looking forward to meeting your wonderful big eyes since ages, our little one.
When We saw you walking to us, we only wanted you to jump into our arms.
But you stopped, looking back.... We suddenly realised that you had the right to be scared and that you deserved your time to develop your trust.
We knew that our destiny is with you, but how could we pretend the same from your little wounded soul?
Day by day your eyes were more available to meet ours and we will never forget when in the evening of the third day, you didn't want us to leave you at Happylife children's home.
It was a magic moment, the blessed moment in which we started to be a family.

Chiara & Bruno

Words from Dhamana's parents........ "Valuable Treasure"

We feel blessed and honored to be his parents and we fell in love with him the second we heard about him and saw the picture of him. Dhamana is the greatest gift to our live that God could have given to us. We knew during all the time we waited for our acceptance as parents that there is somewhere the most valuable treasure one could get. And since Dhamana means "valuable, treasure" we saw that our faith and hope had come true within this small little child. 

Corinna& Heiko

Alexis and Tamara admitted


The ten months Alexis and two weeks old Tamara are now part of the HLCH family.  Alexis was found abandoned; locked in a house in Mathare area in Nairobi.  The boy looked sick and dehydrated.  We admitted him and we have taken him to the hospital.  Baby Tamara was left at the hospital immediately after birth.  She is now 2 weeks old.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dhamana and Stella have new parents

Dhamana was admitted to HLCH on 26 September 2011having been aban-doned on 1 August  A woman named Catherine rescued him and reported the matter to the nearby chief, then took Dhamana to the hospital. Catherine stayed with the child about 3 weeks. He had been abandoned in a deserted horrible situation but he has grown up very well without any major health complication; God is good. He has a new family where he now belongs.  Dhamana - so precious!!!!

 Dhamana with his dad and mum

 Stella was found abandoned in a coffee plantation in Kiambu on 27th May 2012.  She was rescued by a Good Samaritan who was collecting firewood.    She was taken to Kiambu district hospital where she was admitted for about 3 weeks.  She was admitted at HLCH ON 1st August 2012.  Stella now belongs to a loving family, a dad and a mum; what a joy.  
Stella with her mummy ad daddy 

I will  miss her a lot!!! Love you Stella  and wish you joy and baraka with your loving family!!!


Friday, June 7, 2013

Jeff and his  Mum

Jeff was found abandoned on 21 April 2010, he was about 7 months old.  On admission Jeff looked traumatized. He was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with malaria, dehydration, and malnutri-tion. It gook sometime for him to fully recover but today he is one of the boys that we at HLCH  will all miss  a lot.  Jeff is outgoing, happy, peaceful and smart; indeed he will be great!! We all pray for blessings upon Jeff and his mother.