Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baby Joy has a New Mama

Joy was was admitted at HLCH on 19th October 2009. Three weeks after admission, we noted that she had poor feeding and some chest infection. She was then put on antibiotics for one week without improvement. Later she was admitted at the hospital where she was put on oxygen for 1 ½ months in an intensive care. The doctors said her lungs had been badly infected and her hope of survival was minimal. By the grace of God, Joy miraculously recovered. Now Joy has a new mother! Her adoptive mother is very excited that she finally got her beautiful daughter. As we said a prayer of blessing to Joy, her adoptive Mum was overwhelmed with Joy and tears freely flowed from her eyes seeing what God had done to her blessing her with this beautiful girl. Although we were very happy for Joy parting with her was a very hard for us. Everyone got very emotional as we said the prayer. Her Mothers words were, "only God can bless you for what you have done." Seeing where Joy has come from and who she is now and what God has done for her fulfills our heart. We cannot even see the challenges we went through when She was very sick. God bless Joy. Its only one day and we already miss her.

Rosemary Kamau
HLCH, Admin.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy are the kids at Happy Life!

Our name truly reflects the happiness seen on the faces of the staff, volunteers, adoptive parents and most of all the kids.

(Click each pic to make larger)

OUR STAFF: Administrator, Social Worker, Nurse


Fred and Amanda (from LA)

Tracey from LA

Jennifer from Ks


Two new moms (cousins) with Elijah and Cyrus


Lois Graham Mickey David Fred


Even the moneys in Kenya are happy!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to Elijah and Jedidiah!

The twins were two of our first 4 kids in January of 2002 and the first two kids to be adopted from Happy Life in March 2003!

Birthday: December 19, 2001

The Lord continues to bless! Elijah and Jedidiah live in Delaware with their mom and are in the 3rd grade.

Such potential for these boys and all the abandoned child that were taken in by Happy Life Children's Home.

You have made it possible!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Emma has a new Family

About two weeks ago, we had a very hard time at Happy Life Children's Home. So many babies were sick, Max went home to be with the Lord and we had to go to the hospital everyday. We thank God for the recovery and specifically for Baby Leo. However, we are encouraged in the Lord and we can smile again. In a midst of the trials, Emma's Adoptive Mum was going through the bonding process. The bonding process had to take a longer time because of what we were going through but she was very persistent and could not loose heart. Now its time to go home and Rita, Emma's adoptive mum is very excited and happy. God bless Emma and her new Family

Rosemary Kamau