Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Have just admitted one new baby - Tracy

Baby Tracy has just been admitted at HLCH. She was abandoned today at the streets of Mathare slums shortly after birth. The good Samaritan took her to the children's office and then brought to us. She looks like she has some eyes infection but she is yet to be taken to the hospital for the general check up. She looks okay and we pray and hope that she will be in health even as she awaits the check-up tomorrow. God bless baby Tracy.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Duncan Has a New Family

Duncan is 9 months old. He was admitted at HLCH on the same day he was been having been abandoned outside a house at Membley estate at Ruiru. He is one happy child and he has grown very well without health issues. Now, Duncan has found a new family. He will have a new sister and a brother, a mum and a dad. It took this family sometime since they were not sure whether to adopt a boy or a girl. They had qualified to adopt either but they could not agree but they gave themselves two weeks to pray and they all agreed on Duncan. What an excitement! This day is a great and exciting day for Duncan's new family. God bless

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Opportunities to Visit


Volunteers hug and hold; kiss and touch; feed and clothe; paint and repair; sing, read and smile!

From one day to several months!

Volunteers come from Belgium, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Venezuela, Ireland, Turkey, Switzerland, Taiwan, Serbia, Germany, United States, England,...

Happy Life now is able to provide housing for volunteers!

We have been told by different volunteers and Kenyans that the kids at Happy Life are very well adjusted socially and physically! This is a credit to the Happy Life TEAM: Pastor Peter, the staff, and the "mothers" who work so hard and show much love to the children.

When will you be coming? The kids will love you!

Contact us:
*Pastor Peter (ndungukamau@yahoo.com)
*Pastor Jim (revpowell@juno.com)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Two new Babies

Timothy and Nina were found abandoned in two different places but in same circumstances. They had both been put in plastic bags and left on the streets at night. Timothy is about three weeks old but the amazing thing is that Nina is about 5-6 months old. I really may not know the intentions of of putting these precious ones in those plastic bags but most probably they wanted them to die but, by the grace of God, they have found a home at Happy Life Children's Home where they will get the necessary care and love.

Rosemary Kamau

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yes, there is hope

Providing the abandoned children of Kenya with a home and a hope for adoption!

Baby Sifa was brought to Happy Life while the Team was present in Mid August.
It is such a joyous experience to witness an abandoned child coming to Happy Life; to be able to follow her path as the Lord leads knowing that Sifa has a real hope from the Lord in this life and in her life to come!

Just the other day someone brought a six month old boy to Happy Life who was found abandoned in a plastic bag. By the Lord's grace and mercy he now has hope!

This is what Happy Life is all about! Giving a home and a hope for adoption to these little children!

Thanks for your concern and support!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3 more new babies

Nadia ( 1 week old)

Sifa( 6 weeks old)

Davina ( 10 months old)