Thursday, June 30, 2016


We are always encouraged when we see children that we rescued at very desperate situations thrive. Look at Betsy Hope! her mother was flashing her down the toilet!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Meet baby Lucas

Lucas was born by a teen mum who had no means of raising her, her parents were not willing to help either so she had no other option but to give up. We got him at only a day old and he is quite a charming boy.

HappyLife welcomes baby Jack

Jack's mother gave him up for adoption because according to her, he will be a constant reminder of very bad things that happened to her.  The adoption agency tried to persuade her to at least try to raise him but she was adamant. I know God has a plan for this precious boy, he will become great in the land.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Meet baby aderlline

This beautiful girl was born by a mother who was kind enough not to abort her, because she was conceived under very strange circumstances. All in all we will give her all the love she needs. she might be a product of people making very bad choices, but she is the best in the eyes of God the creator. She is here for a reason! we cannot wait to see what great things God has in store for her.

HappyLife Welcomes baby Myla

We have decided to name this precious baby Myla like the one that was re-united recently, because the name sounds so nice and they look so alike.
Myla was rescued at night as a park of dogs were ready to maul her. The owner of the dogs noted that the dogs had a peculiar behavior that night and were circling a bush near the house. When she went to check, there was Myla just born like a few minutes ago and left there for the dead. Thank God that lady found her, and thank God that the dogs were so loud that night!