Friday, December 30, 2016

wonderful festivity

Our Christmas was off to an early and good start this year, with people entertaining the kids from the first week of December. A very warm thank you for everyone who made this Christmas so memorable.  Our friends and partners, thank you for holding our hand through it all, the Mascot from Garden City! you should have seen the kid's faces when it got here priceless! NTV thank you for an amazing Christmas party and for featuring us on your show.

Adonia has been adopted

We have had her since birth she came when she was just a few days old. It was amazing to see how she transformed from this tiny baby to a beautiful girl! God has given her a second chance to a better life and we wish her and her new family all the best.

Lemuel has been adopted

Lemuel always seemed in deep thoughts for his young age and rarely smiled, he had rejected two adoptive families for reasons we could not understand. You can imagine how elated we were when finally a family came that he was totally smitten with, he and his adoptive mother were inseparable from the first day she came to see him. We see the hand of God in this adoption,
and we know God had kept this parent for Lemuel and she has came at the appointed time. We pray that he is going to bring immeasurable joy to this family!

Trevor has been adopted

Adoption is a solemn and joyous occasion  to so many families, and as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus this Christmas, we also rejoice with the family that has given Trevor a forever home! We pray that God will shower them with so many blessings for picking this precious boy.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas has come early

We thank God for the unending support of our friends and partners, they ensure that our kids have a memorable Christmas. We had fun recently playing games and enjoying good food courtesy of TRM and Eveready.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Happy Life welcomes Baby Ella

Ella's mum wanted to terminate her pregnancy at 8 months because she was so desperate and alone.  A good Samaritan convinced her to keep the baby and give her up for adoption once she was born, and that's how we got her. She is a lovely girl who has a bright future ahead.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Meet baby Peace

Peace was born a premature at a very low birth weight, off course her mother didn't want her and she disappeared into thin air leaving Peace in hospital.  She has been in hospital for a whole year and we are told it has been quite a journey, seeing her today you will not suspect that anything was wrong, she is a healthy vibrant girl.

Happy Life welcomes Baby Savvanah

This precious baby was left by her mother in hospital after birth. She is a very calm child for a 3 weeks old once she is fed she just sleeps.  We pray that God will provide everything she needs.

Cecilia has been adopted

It was an exciting day yesterday when Cecilia's adoptive parents came for her, they are an amazing couple that dint care how their bundle of joy was packaged, they loved her anyway.  We wish them God's blessings and may Cecilia bring immeasurable joy to this family.