Friday, October 29, 2010

The youngest one is Baby Hekima

Hekima was abandoned two weeks ago immediately after birth at Kiambu district hospital. We admitted him today and he is a lovely boy. Hekima means 'Wisdom.' This is what he will be a man of great wisdom from God. We will be admitting more babies and plans are underway. The babies for the new ones are all set. WE love it.

Debbie is adopted

It was a great day yesterday for Debbie when she finally had to go with her adoptive mother who islovely single lady. The lovely, very active, sweet Debbie is one year old. Debby was found abandoned at the railway line in Kibera slums and was rescued by a good Smaritan who has a shop nearby. She took her to the police, who took her to Kenyatta Hopital and later placed at HLCH. Bye Debbie and we pray that you will bring joy to your new family just like you have been to us. We miss her already.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Living in a Family setting!

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We are excited about having our children 3 years and up being able to live on our new property in a "Family Setting". As you can see from the drawing, each house will be 3 bedrooms: we will hire a set of "parents" and have one bedroom with about 5 boys and 5 girls in the other.

Each house will cost about $30,000. Plans are to begin building one house as soon as our funds will enable (we currently have the funds to begin the building). More houses will be constructed according to the need and available funds.

The next blog spot will show the multi-purpose building that will be built to provide a classroom, indoor play area, room for a caretaker, meetings and admin space.

We praise the Lord that he has provided the land and donors to supply the funds!

A "Mom and Dad" for these precious children!

"Unless the Lord builds and watches over the house....."

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hand in Hand we Serve

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It is great to be part of the 21st Century!

God has given us the means to increasingly become his hands, feet, eyes, and ears!
  • We can go to the people who are hurting: seeing the needs; holding the baby; washing the clothes; giving hugs and kisses....
  • Pictures can be used to share the need with others.
  • The internet gives us the ability to follow the ministry from day enabling us to know how best to pray and how to minister.
We thank the Lord that the world is becoming smaller every day!