Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Meet baby Mick

Mick was abandoned by his mother in a market yesterday.  He is approximately one year old and it breaks my heart that somebody somewhere didn't want him, he is crying a lot and we keep on hoping that he is lost and his relatives are looking for him.
                                                                       from Sarah

Monday, January 25, 2016

Meet Nicholas

Today the children's department called me with a rather unsettling request, a father had brought his son and wanted him placed in a home. When I got there the father was young a man who looked like he was in his teens ,he was married to Nicholas mother who has since re-married and every time she quarrels with her current husband she dumps the boy to his father who is currently jobless. So we are sheltering him for now and giving him all the love he needs.
                                                                         from Sarah

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

All rounded

We at Happy Life not only believe that children need to learn but also play, so we make sure that there is ample time  for our children to exercise and have fun.
                                                                   from Sarah

HappyLife Christian School

Our school in Juja Farm is in a serene place where our kids are able to learn without disturbance.  They have already started using some of the new classrooms in the second floor of  the school. they are also very excited about their new desks.
                                                                    from Sarah

Friday, January 15, 2016

Hallo Peter The rock!

Peter Rock was abandoned by unknown person near a bus station, a good Samaritan reported the matter to the police who brought him to us.  It breaks my heart that there are people out there who do not care even for their own. It does not matter though now, because he is in a wonderful place where our caregivers and volunteers are ready to give him all the love he needs.
                                                                            From Sarah

Meet Baby James

James was found by neighbors crying alone in the house both his parents are drunkards and they are currently in police custody. We are giving him shelter till the police find a solution to this matter
                                                                  From Sarah

HappyLife welcome baby Cecilia

We have started the year 2016 very well ,but we are very concerned at the rate people have started abandoning children.
Yesterday we were called by one of the hospitals that a mother had just abandoned her infant. On arrival we were taken to the ward and there she was! so calm and sucking her thumb oblivious of the fact that her mother didn't want her any more. We brought her home and she is such a calm baby, she will receive all the love she wants here.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The great move to Juja

As schools opened this week we moved four of our kids from Roysambu to Juja to start school.  Rachel, Cathy, Trevor and Lemuel are no longer seen as the small babies.  There was so much excitement as they got into the van long before Paul, our driver was ready to take off!  But their going caused so many tears among the other kids that we thought one of the girls was sick.  Juja now has four new additions who may take a month or more to adjust to school life, the much space, and the expected sense of responsibility.  But of course that is what life is made of: movement, adjustments, new discoveries... I am looking forward to see their coloring work and first letters and numbers.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Meet Matthew

Matthew was found alone on new year's eve at a bus station, a good Samaritan saw him and reported the issue to the police. He does not talk much and our efforts to ask questions has not bore any fruit. We are hoping that he is lost and somebody will come looking for him ,if not he will get a lot of love and attention here and hopefully an adoptive family someday.

Baby Andrea

Andrea's mum  abandoned her at a neighbor's house and went missing for two days, when she didn't turn up the neighbor reported the matter to the police who brought the baby to us. Andrea is approximately 6 weeks old and it doesn't seem like the mother nursed her because she rarely cries and is able to wait for feeding time without a fuss. We are committed to make her life better.
                                                                  from Sarah

Jewell has been adopted

We thank God that Jewell has finally found a forever home. She had  been free for adoption for quite sometime but never found a family to adopt her, God is good that a wonderful family saw her and liked her. We wish her all the best.
                                                               From Sarah

Thank God for Friends

 Yesterday was such an exciting day here as friends of Happy Life Molly and Maurice bought our kids 101 pairs of shoes, school sweaters, socks and two washing machines. We thank God for such people that has taken the burden to support these children. Our mums in Juja Farm were particularly excited to see the washers.
                                                         from Sarah